Tik-Tok (Faeries of Oz, 4) 

Co-written with Candace Robinson

Tik-Tok does what he wants, says what he wants, and rules as he wants. But he's still missing the one thing that will fulfill his destiny. North, daughter of Tin and Dorothy, is the only one who can open the sea portal and lead him to his fate.

Amber R. Duell

Tin (Faeries of Oz, 1)

Co-written with Candace Robinson

Cursed with a stone heart, Tin is the perfect assassin: ruthless, efficient, and merciless. Dorothy Gale lost everything—her family, her dog, and her farm. But her return to Oz more dangerous than either of them expected.

Lion (Faeries of Oz, #0.5)

Crow (Faeries of Oz, 2) 

Co-written with Candace Robinson

Everyone thought Reva--the Wicked Witch--was dead. Now that she's back, she and Crow will stop at nothing to gain vengeance over the witch that cursed them both.

Lion (Faeries of Oz, 0.5)

Co-written with Candace Robinson
Lion—the once cowardly fae—offers Langwidere an opportunity to achieve her greatest desire: complete power over the territories of Oz.

A short Faeries of Oz e-book prequel.


Standalone Books

Untitled (Faeries of Oz, #3)

The Prince's Wing


Lord Saer Tufaro was raised to be the prince’s Wing—the truest and most loyal personal guard a royal could ask for. If only he hadn't accidentally fallen for the future princess...

Maddie (Vampires of Wonderland, 1) 

Co-written with Candace Robinson

She’s a mad hatter. He’s a loyal brother. Together they must survive a world steeped in blood.

Pre-order available! Releases 5/18/12

Faeries of Oz Series

Untitled (Faeries of Oz, #2)

Ozma (Faeries of Oz, 3) 

Co-written with Candace Robinson

When Ozma's curse is broken, her freedom is short-lived. Years later, she returns to Oz to reunite with her lover, Jack, and reclaim the throne of Oz.

Untitled (Faeries of Oz, #4)


Tin (Faeries of Oz, #1)

Rav (Vampires of Wonderland, 0.5) 

Co-written with Candace Robinson

Prequel e-novella to Vampire in Wonderland

Blurb to come.

Pre-order available! Releases 1/5/21

Vampires of Wonderland Series