Tin (Faeries of Oz, 1)

Co-written by Candace Robinson

Cursed with a stone heart, Tin is the perfect assassin: ruthless, efficient, and merciless. Dorothy Gale lost everything—her family, her dog, and her farm. But her return to Oz more dangerous than either of them expected.

Coming December 8, 2020

Lion (Faeries of Oz, #0.5)

Amber R. Duell

Lion (Faeries of Oz, 0.5)

Co-written by Candace Robinson
Lion—the once cowardly fae—offers Langwidere an opportunity to achieve her greatest desire: complete power over the territories of Oz.

A short Faeries of Oz e-book prequel.

Coming October 13, 2020

Untitled (Faeries of Oz, #2)




Faeries of Oz Trilogy

Tin (Faeries of Oz, #1)
Untitled (Faeries of Oz, #3)

Crow (Faeries of Oz, 2) 

Co-written by Candace Robinson

Everyone thought Reva--the Wicked Witch--was dead. Now that she's back, she and Crow will stop at nothing to gain vengence over the witch that cursed them both.

Coming 2021

Ozma (Faeries of Oz, 3) 

Co-written by Candace Robinson

Companion novel to Tin!

Blurb to come.

Coming 2021